Customer Case

The customer came to visit the carbon steel workshop and asked some related questions.

Q: How do you control the quality of the products ?

A : Well,all products have to go through five checks in the whole process. We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise. Therefore, we always put quality as the first consideration.

Q: Yes, quality is even more important than quantity

A: That's right.

Q:I hope my visit does not cause you too much trouble

A: No trouble at all. 


Q:What kind of quality control do you have?

A: All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.

Q: This visit gave me a good picture of your product areas.

A: I'm pleased you found it helpful. What's your general impression, may I ask ?

Q: I'm impressed by your approach to business. In addition, you have fine facilities and efficient people. The product gives you an edge over your competitors I guess

A:Yes. No one can match us as far as quality is concerned.

Q:Could you give me some brochures for your product ? And the price if possible.

A: Certainly. Here are our sales catalog and literature.

Q: Thank you. I think we may be able to work together in the future.

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