What is the difference between stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe?

What is the difference between stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe?

For stainless steel welded pipes and stainless steel seamless pipes, although they are both stainless steel pipes, but they are very different, and there is a gap in the application field, and the use determines the material, process, surface, etc. of the two.

Stainless steel welded pipe, also known as stainless steel decorative pipe, stainless steel product pipe, is a welding method, the raw material is steel strip, the steel strip is welded, and there will be a weld on the inner wall; In the rolling or cold drawing process, the raw material is round steel, which is formed by perforating the round steel into a tube blank, and then the tube blank is cold-rolled or cold-drawn one after another.

Seamless steel pipes are mainly industrial steel pipes. Because they are industrial pipes, the surface requirements are not strict, and there will be less obvious spots. Stainless steel decorative pipes are widely used, mainly in the fields of decoration, landscape garden engineering, furniture products, etc.

If stainless steel decorative pipes are used indoors, they are generally made of 201 and 304 stainless steel. In harsh outdoor environments or in coastal areas, 316 materials are used, as long as the environment used is not easy to cause oxidation and rust; industrial pipes are mainly used for fluid transportation, replacement.Therefore, the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance of pipes have certain requirements. Generally, 304, 316, 316L corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel materials are used;

 The stainless steel decorative pipe is normally a bright pipe, and the surface is normally matte or mirror. In addition, the decorative pipe also uses electroplating, baking paint, spraying and other processes to coat its surface with a brighter color; the surface of the industrial pipe is normally acid white surface. Pickling surface, the surface requirements are not strict, the wall thickness is uneven, the brightness of the inner and outer surfaces of the tube is low, the fixed size cost is high, and the inner and outer surfaces should have pitting and black spots, which are not easy to remove.

  Stainless steel decorative pipes are used for decoration as the name implies, and are normally used for balcony protective windows, stair handrails, bus platform handrails, bathroom drying racks, etc.; industrial pipes are normally used in industries, such as boilers, heat exchange, mechanical parts, sewage pipes, etc. However, because its thickness and compressive capacity are much higher than decorative pipes, a large number of pipes are used to transport fluids, such as water, gas, natural gas, oil, etc.

In recent years, with the rapid development of stainless steel high-quality continuous rolling production and the progress of stainless steel welding inspection technology, the welding quality has been continuously improved, the types and specifications of welded stainless steel decorative pipes have been continuously increased, and many products can replace stainless steel seamless pipes.